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Everything Katherine Pierce
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Katherine Pierce hbic...enough said!

Welcome to katherine_hbic, your livejournal source dedicated to Katherine Pierce from The Vampire Diaries. Here you can post fanfiction, fan art, icons, fanmixes... anything relating to Katherine. If you're a fan of her, read the rules below and feel free to join.

Community Rules
read and understand before joining

01. No bashing of Katherine/Elena will be tolerated. There's a fine line between criticism and bashing, and as a fan community we will delete/screen any comments we deem inappropriate. The same applies to the actress, Nina.

02. Respect the opinions of others. Not everyone will agree all the time, and while a healthy discussion is always welcome, attacking each other is not. If a problem should arise, contact a moderator.

03. It should go without saying, but all posts should relate to Katherine/Elena or Nina in one form another. Off topic and intro posts will be deleted. If you're unsure about posting something, feel free to ask in the Page-a-Mod.

04. Spoilers for upcoming episodes, or from new books in the series, should go under an lj-cut and be labeled as such.

05. Please use our existing tags to tag your posts. Help make the community organized!

06. When posting fic you must use the following format OR a clear variation of it with proper warnings (rating is a must). All pairings with Katherine should also be the main and end pairing.:

07. When linking to any fanworks, don't direct us to another community where we have to join to view the contents; it's annoying. Posts should be unlocked for at least 24 hours, and any posts not following this rule will be deleted.

08. Do not use fancy text or large font sizes in your posts. The font should remain the default size/color, and bold/italics/underline should only be used as needed. Likewise, do not abuse the caps lock key or netspeak language.

09. If your icons pair Katherine or Elena with other people, the batch must also contain solely Katherine icons. Be mindful of your audience here.

10. Large/several images (over 500px wide), fanmixes (a preview is okay), fanfiction, and posts containing more than 4 icons must be under an lj-cut. If you are posting 10 images or less (of whatever, stills, Nina.. we don't discriminate), upload them and post them under a lj-cut. Do not link us to another site. It's a hassle. The only time to link us elsewhere is when there's more than 10 pictures; even then, please post AT LEAST 10 of those images and link to the rest.

11. Like in any other comm ever, if any of the mods feel you are being inappropriate or not following the rules, you will be banned from the community. The mods also have the right to delete any post they deem unsuitable for the community. If you have a question regarding the deletion of your post/comment or have a similar complaint, please message one of the mods or use our Page-A-Mod message system.
Rules borrowed from stefanandelena

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